Monday, July 5, 2010

On trips of epic proportion - Day 2: Part 1.

Scene 1: Sea, Sand, Sun and Starfish...and the occasional Shark.


After a solid night’s rest and quick cup of coffee we were off to Trinco. We arrived relatively early thanks to the new road and our timely departure from Habarana (who knows Steph and I may be reformed into morning people). Once arriving we made a quick stop to change into our swimsuits and then it was off to the beach. I think we used up almost all three bottles of sunscreen Steph’s mom sent, and made us promise to use, before gathering our gear and boating to Pigeon Island.

On the island we spent the entire afternoon happily snorkeling, well mostly happily after I got over my initial fear of the ocean. Years and years of being warned against the dangers of swimming in the ocean, not to mention the numbing temperature of the Oregon coast, are hard to forget. It completely defied my common sense to learn that it is okay, fun even, to venture into the ocean past my knees. But once I realized I could get into the water without risk of hypothermia, I had a dandy time.

We even saw a shark; and by we I mean Bala, Steph, and Melissa saw a shark. I did get to see lots of cool coral and fish so I’m not too upset I missed out on the shark.

After approximately six hours of snorkeling, sunning, eating, and talking to friendly folks who were enamored with our white, or in Steph’s case pink, skin we headed back to the mainland. At the hotel speedy showers, outfits picked specifically to barely touch sun-toasted bodies, philosophical conversations, much needed drinks, a lively game of Never Have I Ever, and an expansive buffet occurred before we tucked ourselves in at the unheard of hour of ten. I don’t think any of us moved until a loud knock on the door summoned us for an early morning ocean swim. A quick dip in the pool and breakfast followed before we headed home—only stopping once to quench Steph’s craving for Jucieez.


Im just going to add a side note here real fast to let you know that should you ever, ever visit the motherland…know that Roots does not hold a match to Juiceez. My soul has been wanting Juiceez’s lovingly concocted nectar of the gods since it left the land of our forefathers years ago…and they tried to tell me that Roots had juice that was just as good. Lies and deception. No fear, my soul was satisfied with the best lime juice it has had the pleasure of drinking down in far too long. Happy happy day. Also, when Al said “pink”, she was being kind. I was the approximate shade of a feverish crayon and felt like an overdone kebab. But you know what, it was the most worth-while sun burn I have ever sported.

Furthermore, it was our delight to come back to our room to find that our beds had been strewn with favorite flowers none the less. At any rate, it was better than Bala's situation, who had had his beach towel neatly arranged in the shape of an origami heart upon his covers. How utterly presh.

Below I included a picture of ol' faithful...the jeep that carried us through thick and thin. It deserved a special mention.

One of the best and most jam-packed three-day trips in history.



Alisa and Steph

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