Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Kandy.

Kandy is where I come from. It is home and setting of many a childhood memory, school girl story and great adventure. It is also home of a rich cultural heritage that gives Kandy it's flair. We spent a weekend visiting the Temple of the Tooth and bartering at the market...a process which is slowly becoming an enjoyable habit...and of course, exploring the Botanical Gardens. What trip home would be complete without a dash through those ancient lawns?

The gardens were once the pleasure gardens of King Vikramabahu III (go on...say it out loud...) and today are 150 acres of palm trees, bats, orchids, monkeys and highly demonstrative couples (to be found behind any fern or fast growing bamboo patch in the given area).

We spent our afternoon walking and picture taking and climbing the old java fig tree. I was told once long ago that it was the one tree that could be seen from space. It was only in the last two years that I found out I was being lied to this entire time.

Also we discovered the multiple practical uses of the common leaf...visual aids provided below. The options, really, are endless.

A stint on the local bus and a hike up the hill later and we were home...

The weekend quickly progressed to include an afternoon at the Dhaladha Maligawa...or temple of the tooth. The Maligawa is said to house a tooth of Buddha and is probably one of the most renown, most visited temples in Asia. Shoes came off, poojas were heard and we even spotted elephants...imagine that! It was a slight shocker, however, to learn that apparently these elephants bring good luck...except in order for the good luck to commence in a persons life via elephant one is required to be carted underneath the elephant at the age of about 3 months... promptly followed by ones aunts and cousins and in-laws in a ceremonious fashion. Imagine the confusion of the elephant...

Our last big adventure was the market...who knew haggling and a few select words of singhala could be so effective? Good deals left, right and centre, gorgeous fabrics and colors of every hue made for very happy girls and a whole host of new friends made.

Updates on work and our kids so soon dear readers!

So much love,
Alisa and Steph

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