Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On neon.

Steph and I are currently planning on tucking ourselves in early tonight, for those of you familiar with our sleep patterns I’m sure this must come as quite a shock. But, do not fret, it is a decision based purely on necessity—one born from a busy day shopping in Kandy and a scheduled departure time of 5:45 a.m. for what Steph adeptly described as a “well, you know, it’s a place” in the morn, rather than a change of character.

Tomorrow we are off to explore Sigiriya and Trinco with Steph’s friends. I think this trip will be a welcome break from our busy day shopping and, hopefully, we’ll come back a shade or two darker.

Today was spent experiencing downtown Kandy. For lunch we dined at KFC, which featured a slightly different menu than its counterparts in the states and also boasted a very helpful poster detailing the history of KFC. Apparently, KFC was founded at “a very happy time in the 1930s”, who knew?

Steph and I decided to be serious and fully committed the entire shopping day to our quest for neon clothing. We spent the better part of the day picking through shops looking for clothes that qualified as bright enough. This was a more difficult task than expected. We were interrupted frequently by overeager salesmen who would follow us through the store, remove clothing from hangers, and select matching belts for dresses we had only glanced at. But, in the end, despite these hindrances, I think we found some pretty stunning articles.

Combined they create wonderfully high-fashion outfits. Solely based on the attractiveness of these outfits alone I think we may have to begin our own fashion blog as well. Today’s OOTD could be titled something along the lines of “Fluorescent Females”. Don’t worry; we’ll refrain from wearing it all at once so we won’t outshine those around us.

Packing is finished and bed is calling.

Much Love, Alisa and Steph


  1. love the neon. if you two could wear my shoe size i would even let you borrow my vans to complete the outfit.
    keep the stories coming! love you both so much!