Monday, June 28, 2010


Well dear reader, we are sufficiently recovered from our rugby shenanigans on Saturday. Truly, there really is not a whole lot that sufficient sleep and a good cup of coffee won’t put to rights. Sunday morning dawned early…8.30 to be exact. Three and a half hours of sleep combined with bodies that wished they were over jet lag but were secretly not, do not cause a whole lot of desire for action, so we settled for a good church service and napping. Oh yes, and traipsing through the dark night, battling off dogs and potholes for a late night dip. Having lounged about the house for the greater part of the day, Al and I figured a good brisk walk up to the pool would be a refreshing little adventure and indeed it was – until we met the mongrels at any rate. Then it was heart palpitations, frantic holding of hands, deep breaths and “just….keep…walking” through clenched teeth. We made it however and the ensuing swim was glorious. We put ourselves to bed by 9 that evening and what a wise life decision that was. We were new girls this morning.

While Al napped on, I decided to re-introduce my running legs to that vague and distant past time. Somehow I forgot to think about a. the humidity, b. the fact that not only cars occupy the street but also cows, ox carts, trishaws, more dogs, more cows and occasional drove of people and c. the monsoon. All three entities struck in one crippling blow this morning and I returned a panting, sopping, sweaty mass, the approximate shade of the setting sun. My strawberries and cream this afternoon seemed very well deserved.

Strawberries and cream were just one of the many strawberries and ________ (fill in blank with whatever you so desire) that were options at the new little restaurant (?) we discovered this afternoon. A restaurant devoted solely to strawberries. No joke. From strawberry picture frames to strawberry pancakes to strawberry table clothes to a larger-than-life wall hanging on the history of the strawberry, it was all there.

Four of us girls sat down and partook in all that was strawberry and it was just…peachy.

In other news, Al had an adventure on the scooter today. Needing to change money, she was introduced not only to the joys of Sri Lankan banks and Sri Lankan rupees, but to the joys of bumping along on the back of a bajaj scooter – its sturdiness equal to none.

We will stop now, on account of being on the brink of starvation…starvation tends to cramp my writing style some. Arabic food, for the win.

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